Stage Fighting
with Ine Camilla Bjørnsten

Lets fight!

"Stage Fighting" is the art of staging physical conflict for an audience, with or without weapons.

The Nordic Stage Fight Society is presenting a weekend workshop in stage combat for stage and screen actors in Reykjavik, June 25th-26th 2005. Both unarmed fighting and fighting with broadswords will be taught.

Participants must be over 16 years. Teaching language is English.


About Ine

Ine Camilla Bjørnsten comes from Tromsø in North Norway. She is a certified teacher with the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS). Besides giving stagefight workshops, Ine teaches mime and acting technique. Ine is the leader of theatre group "Teaterverket Lit" in Tromsø, and works freelance with theatre directing, translation, and basically anything on a theatre production.

She is now living in Reykjavik to finish her MA degree in Nordic Language and Literature, with a masters thesis on modern icelandic playwriting.

Ine can be reached at

About Anders Kippersund

Anders (N) is artistic director of theatre group Turnekompaniet in Hedmark, Norway. Educated as an actor from Teaterhøgskolen in Norway (85-88) and Teaterhøgskolan in Helsingfors (99). Anders has worked as an actor in numerous plays and television productions. He has arranged many of the Norwegian NSFS workshops, and became a certified teacher in 2000.


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